In this page you can find VisualAbstracts for master dissertations concluded in 2020/21 and also some undergoing doctoral work at DEI. Some of the students are available online to discuss his or her work via a zoom session, for which you are invited to attend.

Below this set of VisualAbstracts you can find the titles of all master dissertations concluded in 2020/21 from MIEIC, MESW, MCI, and MM courses.

Cenários de aplicação de tecnologias imersivas no âmbito da Indústria 4.0: necessidades informacionais dos trabalhadores em contexto de trabalho

by Ana Patricia Silva Domingues (MCI)

TruData - Plataforma Colaborativa de Validação e Limpeza de Dados: Um Caso de Estudo em Análise Epidemiológica

by Rogério Luiz Araújo Carminé (MESW)

Matching entities in JIRA

by Shivathanu Gopirajan Chitra (MESW)

CoDi: Leveraging Compatibility and Diversity in Computational Mashup Creation from Large Loop Collections

by Gonçalo Nuno Bernardo (MIEIC)

CleanGraph - Graph viewing and editing for family trees and UML class diagrams

by António Alexandre de Almeida Martins (MIEIC)

Avaliação da qualidade da Wikipédia enquanto fonte de informação em saúde

by Luís Couto (MIEIC)

Recommender System with Explanations

by Frederico Portugal Pinho Rocha (MIEIC)

A Multimodal Approach for Noninvasive Cognitive Impairment Treatments

by Aisha Animashaun (MM)

Immersive Technologies in Complex Manufacturing Systems as an Informational Problem: A human-centered approach

by Filipa Rente Ramalho (PDMD)

Games for Creative Literacy: A Framework for Cultivating Creative Literacy Through Games

by José Manuel da Conceição Raimundo (PDMD)

Towards a Digital-Twin Based, Multi-sided Market of Data-enabled Product-Services Systems

by Henrique Diogo Cardoso da Silva (PDMD)

Blin or Partially Sighted Visitors in Museums: Enhancing the Visitor's Experience Through Assistive Technologies

by Roberto Ivo Fernandes Vaz (PDMD)

Intagram Photography: Toward the profiling of photography sharing modes of practice

by Cláudio António Moreira Alves do Carmo Reis (PDMD)

Federated Anomaly Detection over Distributed Data Streams

by Paula Raissa Costa e Silva (PRODEI)

Data Markets: A Multi-Agent System Platform for Cooperative and Competitive Distributed Machine Learning Marketing

by Hajar Baghcheband (PRODEI)



Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering (MIEIC)

  • Towards a Live Programming Platform for K-12
    Filipa Manita Santos Durão, supervised by Ademar Aguiar

  • 3D Photo Mapper
    Juliana Maria Cruz Marques, supervised by A. Miguel Monteiro

  • Quantum Algorithms for Portfolio Management
    Duarte Manuel Marques Mano Menezes Frazão, supervised by Koenraad Bertels

  • Automated Fake News detection using computational Forensic Linguistics
    Ricardo Ribeiro Sanfins Moura, supervised by Rui Sousa Silva

  • Recommender System with Explanations
    Frederico Portugal Pinho Rocha, supervised by Ana Paula Rocha

  • Quantum reinforcement learning applied to games
    Miguel Alexandre Brandão Teixeira, supervised by Ana Paula Rocha

  • Supply Chain tracking and management with Distributed Ledger
    João Malheiro de Sousa, supervised by Alexandre Carvalho

  • Weather VIS
    Diogo Henrique de Almeida Silva Pereira, supervised by Maria Teresa Andrade

  • Towards Safer Continuous Infrastructure-as-Code Deployments
    Henrique Melo Lima, supervised by Tiago Boldt Sousa

  • Towards the Partitioning and Operation of Web Applications leveraging Platform and Function as a Service
    Rui Pedro Moutinho Moreira Alves, supervised by Tiago Boldt Sousa

  • Intelligent Form Design: Exploiting Unstructured Natural Language Fields
    Diogo Filipe da Silva Yaguas, supervised by Henrique L. Cardoso

  • Automatic Complaint Classification Models: Generation, Integration, and Usability
    Tiago Jorge Sousa Rodrigues, supervised by Henrique L. Cardoso

  • Diagnosis of epilepsy in EEGs with limited supervision
    Joana Sofia Mendes Ramos, supervised by Luis F. Teixeira

  • Generative XAI in Computer-Aided Detection of Glaucoma Risk
    Pedro António Ferreira Cardoso Videira Lopes, supervised by Filipe Soares

  • Narrative Visualization of News Stories
    Mariana Filipa da Costa, supervised by Sérgio Nunes

  • Mobile app for protecting cyclists and pedestrians in road traffic
    Luís Alvela Duarte Mendes, supervised by Ana Aguiar

  • Combining machine learning and deep learning approaches to detect cervical cancer in cytology images
    Eduardo Luís Pinheiro da Silva, supervised by Luis F. Teixeira

  • Similarity Measures for Comparing and Measuring Diversity of News Feeds
    Luís Diogo dos Santos Teixeira da Silva, supervised by Sérgio Nunes

  • A platform for monitoring search performance
    Ricardo Araújo Bóia, supervised by Sérgio Nunes

  • Trace-based ns3-gym Reinforcement Learning Environment Framework for Wireless Networks
    Gonçalo Regueiras dos Santos, supervised by Rui Campos

  • VCS Based platform for legislation: GitLaw
    Manuel Braga da Costa dos Santos Monteiro, supervised by Gil Gonçalves

  • MQTT Chaos Engineering for Self-Healing IoT Systems
    Miguel Pereira Duarte, supervised by André Restivo

  • Privacy-oriented Task Orchestration System for IoT Networks
    Nuno Tiago Tavares Lopes, supervised by Hugo S. Ferreira

  • A Systematic Assessment of Musical Audio Rhythmic Compatibility
    Cláudio Fischer Lemos, supervised by Gilberto Bernardes

  • CoDi: Leveraging Compatibility and Diversity in Computational Mashup Creation from Large Loop Collections
    Gonçalo Nuno Botelho Amaral Rolão Bernardo, supervised by Gilberto Bernardes

  • Continuous assessing of code quality through software analytics in a start-up environment
    Duarte Filipe Machado de Oliveira, supervised by Filipe Correia

  • Metrics-based evaluation and improvement of source code design
    João Pedro Bandeira Fidalgo, supervised by Filipe Correia

  • AI-based Fashion Designer
    Fábio Filipe Vilela Oliveira, supervised by Rui Maranhão

  • Automated Repair of Security Vulnerabilities using Coverage-guided Fuzzing
    João Fernando da Costa Meireles Barbosa, supervised by Hugo S. Ferreira

  • Section Detection in an Automatic Pipeline for Mapping Brain Activation in the Mouse
    Pedro Gonçalves Neto, supervised by Luis F. Teixeira

  • Prostate Cancer Automatic Grading from Digitized H&E-stained Histopathology Slides
    João Carlos Parada Alves, supervised by Hélder Oliveira

  • Hungry Games: Development of a serious game for science communication about CRISPR
    António Nunes da Cruz, supervised by Pedro Cardoso

  • Development of a multimodal management platform for patients in physical rehabilitation
    Tiago Luís Salgueiro dos Santos, supervised by Bruno Giesteira

  • User Interaction Patterns for Linked Data
    Mariana Barbosa Aguiar, supervised by Sérgio Nunes

  • An IDE Plug-in to detect security vulnerabilities in Infrastructure-as-Code Scripts
    Tiago José Antunes Ribeiro, supervised by Rui Maranhão

  • Learn to Fly: Cloning the Behavior of a Pilot
    César Manuel Nobre Medeiros, supervised by Daniel Silva

  • Real-Time user-based coverage of a sports event: A Web Application for the modern football fans
    Ângelo Miguel Tenreiro Teixeira, supervised by João Correia Lopes

  • Mobile application for reporting chronic pain experiences
    Diogo Filipe Alves Dores, supervised by João Correia Lopes

  • Fully asynchronous Java APIs for web applications
    Daniel Pereira da Silva, supervised by João Bispo

  • Proposta de uma plataforma ludificada para a reabilitação e condicionamento físicos
    Miguel Ângelo Barraca Moura, supervised by Rosaldo Rossetti

  • A Generic Micro-Architecture for Quantum Accelerators
    João Lourenço Teixeira Vieira, supervised by Koenraad Bertels

  • Tactode programming for robotics and other targets
    César Alexandre da Costa Pinho, supervised by Armando J. Sousa

  • Empirical Study on Live Automatic Program Repair
    Amadeu Prazeres Pereira, supervised by André Restivo

  • Automated Generic Optimization in Real time using Mutation Operators
    Pedro Miguel Oliveira Carvalho da Silva, supervised by André Restivo

  • A privacy-preserving framework for case-based interpretability in machine learning
    Maria Helena Sampaio de Mendonça Montenegro e Almeida, supervised by Jaime S. Cardoso

  • Neuropal - Mobile game for preventing spinal cord injuries
    Luísa Maria Araújo Freire, supervised by António Coelho

  • Community-based Sports Articles Generation Platform using NLG and Post-Editing
    Pedro Miguel Sousa Fernandes, supervised by Sérgio Nunes

  • Scalable and privacy preserving AI in federated environments
    João Miguel Vaz Tello da Gama Amaral, supervised by Ademar Aguiar

  • Cross-platform application for determination of sulfonamides in water using digital image colorimetry
    Fábio Alexandre Matos Azevedo, supervised by Hélder Oliveira

  • Computer Vision approach for bone marrow edema detection in MRI and X-ray images
    João Pedro Viveiros Franco, supervised by Hélder Oliveira

  • Image Manipulation and Classification: An Application to Fire Detection
    Sandro Miguel Tavares Campos, supervised by Daniel Silva

  • CleanGraph - Graph viewing and editing for family trees and UML class diagrams
    António Alexandre de Almeida Martins, supervised by Daniel Silva

  • Wine Price and Quality Prediction Using Machine Learning
    Diogo Manuel Oliveira Moreira, supervised by Luis Paulo Reis

  • Designing Microservice Systems Using Patterns: An Empirical Study On Architectural Trade-offs
    Guilherme Vale Martins, supervised by Filipe Correia

  • Automatic Service Containerization with Docker
    João Carlos Cardoso Maduro, supervised by Filipe Correia

  • Combining simulated and real images in deep learning
    Pedro Xavier Tavares Monteiro Correia de Pinho, supervised by Luis F. Teixeira

  • Serious Game with Augmented Reality - Programming on Indoor/Outdoor systems: A case study on Galeria da Biodiversidade da Universidade do Porto
    Diogo Alexandre Silva Teixeira, supervised by António Coelho

  • Flo[RA]: Uma aplicação móvel para comunicar ciência através do lúdico e da realidade aumentada
    David Jorge Lourenço Soares (MM), supervised by Pedro Cardoso

  • Arbitraries with Confidence: Externalizing PBT inner-workings for better insights
    Tiago Araújo Castro, supervised by André Restivo

  • Designing an Extensible PBT Framework to Support Multiple Search Strategies
    Rui Jorge Leão Guedes, supervised by Hugo S. Ferreira

  • Cooperative, connected and autonomous mobility: a case study of platoon coordination at intersections using market-based mechanisms
    Francisco Manuel Canelas Filipe, supervised by Pedro dOrey

  • Injustice and Balance in Pervasive Video Games
    João Álvaro Cardoso Soares Ferreira, supervised by João Jacob

  • Adaptivity in Single Player Video Games
    João Augusto dos Santos Lima, supervised by João Jacob

  • Tool for Incremental Database Migration
    Fernando Jorge Coelho Barreira Calheiros Alves, supervised by João Pascoal Faria

  • Web Search Engines - A study on the evolution of user interfaces
    Bruno Edgar Évora Rebelo Oliveira, supervised by Carla Teixeira Lopes

  • Multi-Site and Multi-Cloud Deployment of Complex Information Systems
    Ana Rita Norinho Pinto, supervised by A. Miguel Monteiro

  • Automatic Identification of Obfuscated JavaScript using Machine Learning
    Susana Maria de Sousa Lima, supervised by Ricardo Morla

  • Portuguese Citizen Card and Digital Mobile Key: the trust required of the citizen
    Maria Teresa Queiroz Machado Urbano Ferreira, supervised by J. Magalhães Cruz

  • Avaliação da qualidade da Wikipédia enquanto fonte de informação em saúde
    Luís Pedro da Silva Couto, supervised by Carla Teixeira Lopes

  • Exploiting Service Workers for JavaScript Code Protection
    João Henrique Poceiro Vieira de Araújo, supervised by A. Miguel Monteiro

  • iHandUapp: Development of a companion app for the iHandU medical device for Parkinson's Disease symptoms monitoring
    Joana Maria Cerqueira da Silva, supervised by João Paulo Cunha

  • Quantum Computing for Optimizing Routes in Smart Cities
    André Filipe de Soveral Torres Lopes dos Santos, supervised by Rui Maranhão

  • Ensembling Neural Networks for Regression
    João Miguel Mendes Ribeiro Agulha, supervised by João Moreira

  • Interface Design for Offline Learning
    Antero Campos Gandra, supervised by Teresa Galvão Dias

  • Design and development of a mobile-based solution for tourists
    Beatriz Soares Mendes, supervised by Marta Ferreira

  • Understanding urban mobility patterns of tourists through data extraction
    João Manuel Angélico Gonçalves, supervised by Marta Ferreira

  • Dynamic Real-time IoT Orchestration
    Tiago José Viana Fragoso, supervised by André Restivo

  • Decentralized Real-time IoT Orchestration
    Pedro Miguel Sousa da Costa, supervised by Hugo S. Ferreira

  • Delivery Forecasting in Project Management
    Henrique Miguel Bastos Goncalves, supervised by João Moreira

  • Machine Learning Models for Predictive Quality
    João Nuno Rodrigues Ferreira, supervised by João Moreira

  • Immersive editing of 360º experiences
    André Filipe Pinto Esteves, supervised by Rui Rodrigues

  • VitalCoViD Platform: web-based telehealth system for real-time monitoring of CoViD-19 patients at home using wearable health devices.
    Diogo Leal da Silva Mota Pinto, supervised by João Paulo Cunha

  • Retail Product Match
    Francisco Teixeira Ferreira, supervised by Vera Miguéis

  • Computer Vision System for Alphanumeric Code and Symbol Recognition in Welding Blueprints
    Francisco Tomé Macedo Martins Santos Moreira, supervised by Valter Costa

  • MisInfoBot: fight misinformation about COVID on social media
    Tomás Nuno Fernandes Novo, supervised by Carlos Soares

  • COLLAPSE: CollabOrative fuLL-stAck Platform for data Science dEvelopment
    Joaquim Antero Pavão dos Santos, supervised by Carlos Soares

  • Edge computing for VRU protection: empirical evaluation of 5G and 802.11 communication technologies
    Afonso José Guerra da Mota de Almeida Azevedo, supervised by Ana Aguiar

  • Carbon Market Multi-Agent Simulation Metamodel: a Testbed for Coordination Mechanisms in Sociotechnical Systems
    João Bernardo Narciso de Sousa, supervised by Rosaldo Rossetti

  • Exploring the impact of different behaviours on fairness and efficiency in MADRL
    Margarida Ramos Pereira Silva, supervised by Rosaldo Rossetti

  • A QEMU-based Approach to Hardware-Assisted Virtualization
    Pedro Casais da Silva e Sousa Gonçalves, supervised by João Canas Ferreira

  • A Multiagent Architecture to Support the Implementation of Sustainable Households
    Sofia Cardoso Martins, supervised by Rosaldo Rossetti

  • Communication Strategies in Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems
    António Manuel Ribeiro Pereira da Costa, supervised by Rosaldo Rossetti

  • Deep Reinforcement Learning for Automated Parking
    Dinis Falcão Leite Moreira, supervised by Pedro dOrey

  • iVIWE - Intelligent Virtual Immersive Work Environment
    Alexandra Isabel Vieites Mendes, supervised by Luis Paulo Reis

  • FCPortugal - Deep Learning for Humanoid Robotic Soccer Behaviour Selection
    Miguel Dias de Carvalho, supervised by Luis Paulo Reis

Master in Software Engineering (MESW)

  • iOS accessibility regression testing
    Diogo Melo, supervised by Ana Cristina Ramada Paiva

  • Configurador Produtos/Serviços de Service
    Fábio Pereira, supervised by Gil Manuel Gonçalves

  • Análise de Dados em Bancos de Investimento
    Bruno Nascimento, supervised by Gil Manuel Gonçalves

  • Testes Automatizados de Jogos Eletrónicos em Unreal
    Gabriel Leite, supervised by António Coelho

  • Improving explainability and reproducibility of AI models in Federated Data Spaces
    Pedro Elias, supervised by Ademar Aguiar

  • Leveraging on data science and machine learning to advance clinical decision-making in oncology
    Felipe Gouveia, supervised by Gil Manuel Gonçalves

  • Patterns for Documenting Open Source Web Frameworks
    João Santos, supervised by Filipe Figueiredo Correia

  • Mutation testing
    Luís Pinto, supervised by Ana Cristina Ramada Paiva

  • Adoption of the "My Health Diary" platform: a health technology assessment study
    Maria Rosa, supervised by Gil Manuel Gonçalves

  • Desenvolvimento de uma ferramenta para migração de dados aplicacionais entre infraestruturas OutSystems
    Maria Ferreira, supervised by Nuno Flores

  • TruData - Plataforma Colaborativa de Validação e Limpeza de Dados: Um Caso de Estudo em Análise Epidemiológica
    Rogério Carminé, supervised by Carlos Soares

  • Matching entities in JIRA
    Shivathanu Chitra, supervised by João Pedro Mendes Moreira

  • Risk Prediction in Software Projects
    André Sousa, supervised by João Carlos Pascoal Faria

  • Process Optimization in Project Design
    José Romero, supervised by João Pedro Mendes Moreira

  • From Requirements Specification to Acceptance Tests
    Ana Gomes, supervised by Ana Cristina Ramada Paiva

  • Universal Adapter for Privacy-preserving Analyses across Federated Health Data Repositories
    Rafael Joia, supervised by João Correia Lopes

  • From Monoliths to Microservices: automating service boundary detection
    Rúben Jesus, supervised by Filipe Figueiredo Correia

  • Evacuação de emergência em edifícios auxiliada por dispositivo móvel
    Beatriz Tavares, supervised by Miguel Pimenta Monteiro

  • Digital Twin para controlo de drones por brain-machine interface
    Diana Ramos, supervised by Gil Manuel Gonçalves

  • Monitoring Activities Life-Cycle From Execution of Mobile Applications
    Francisco Serrão, supervised by Nuno Flores

  • Mock testing framework for a fire detection system
    Guilherme Oliveira, supervised by João Carlos Pascoal Faria

  • Analytics - Desenvolvimento de modelos/formas de representação de métricas em tempo real relacionadas com informação do negócio e interações com o utilizador final
    Lucas Martins, supervised by Nuno Flores

  • Definition of procedures to allow the generation of reports and statistics in project management
    Vitor Brochado, supervised by Nuno Flores

Master in Multimedia (MM)

  • Formação de professores e incentivo à gamificação no ensino/aprendizagem: desafios em momentos de mudança na mediação digital em educação
    Anabela Rodrigues, supervised by Angélica Monteiro

  • Traditional Caregiving versus Digitally Shared Caregiving in Monitoring Scenarios
    João Rebelo, supervised by João Manuel Ribeiro da Silva Tavares

  • Arte e ciência — como a tecnologia CRISPR pode ser utilizada para que estas áreas coalesçam num objeto que assuma na sua natureza a dimensão artística e científica
    Ana Paula Rosas, supervised by Bruno Giesteira

  • Design de Interfaces Atentivos Pervasivos no âmbito do projecto CHIC
    Hugo Ferreira, supervised by Pedro Cardoso

  • Ferramentas Tecnológicas como Armas Criativas: o caso da CLINK
    Maria Ferreira, supervised by Nuno Moutinho

  • As Tribos dos Festivais: Utilização dos novos media no desenvolvimento de públicos no contexto português
    Diogo Martins, supervised by Paulo Frias

  • A memória no século XXI: o impacto das tecnologias de informação na manipulação da memória humana.
    Mariana Vilanova, supervised by Miguel Carvalhais

  • Interatividades e Fruições com vínculos nas tecnologias emergentes e outros media: Práticas da Escultura que atuam como desafios à perceção e ação supra sensorial
    Inês Coelho, supervised by Rute Rosas

  • jUNTO: Módulo de Síntese Concatenativa para sistemas Eurorack
    Francisco Oliveira, supervised by Gilberto Bernardes

  • A animação gráfica como "tutorial" para ferramentas de colaboração avançadas
    Susana Gomes, supervised by Vitor Almeida

  • European Network for Inclusive Universities (EUNI4ALL): um contributo da Universidade do Porto
    Isabel Monteiro, supervised by Bruno Giesteira

  • Narrative immersion in an e-learning software programming course in higher education to promote self and co-regulation of learning
    Aline Costa, supervised by Leonel Morgado

  • Arte, cultura e robótica como um currículo educativo
    Beatriz Caldeira, supervised by Nuno Moutinho

  • O impacto das aplicações multimédia e da gamificação na Diabetes tipo 1
    Frederico Oliveira, supervised by António Coelho

  • Práticas artísticas em Braga: o caso GNRation na Braga de 2012-2019
    Rui Ferreira, supervised by Heitor Alvelos

  • Narrative Visualization for News Stories
    Pedro Miranda, supervised by Sérgio Nunes

  • Design da travessia do utilizador para aplicação de software do projeto CHIC baseada em localização
    Dan Bueno, supervised by Pedro Cardoso

  • A arte digital como expressão social do século XXI
    Gabriela Ornellas, supervised by Tiago Assis

  • Narrativas Interativas Como Linguagem do Jornalismo
    Ariane Silva, supervised by Paulo Frias

  • Sistema interactivo para som com ‘6 Degrees of Freedom’ em ambientes imersivos
    Bruno Boaro, supervised by Gilberto Bernardes

  • Design de uma ferramenta de autoria no âmbito do projeto CHIC/ Design of an authoring tool application for project CHIC
    Catarina Soares, supervised by Pedro Cardoso

  • Unreal Engine e a sua aplicação em Produção Cinematográfica Independente
    Diogo Esteves, supervised by José Carneiro

  • Integração e estatuto do multimédia no ensino STEM da física
    Ana Almeida, supervised by Carla Morais

  • Re-programando a experiência do ambiente sonoro: uma visão psicofisiológica
    Danielle Lopes, supervised by Gilberto Bernardes

  • “Você tem um minuto para ouvir a palavra de Bacurau?” — A influência dos memes e contexto político na distribuição audiovisual
    Elisa Ghil, supervised by Vitor Almeida

  • A politização da arte web: Estudo de caso em formas de acção hacker, da à arte pós-internet.
    Flávia Fogliato, supervised by Miguel Carvalhais

  • React Videos e Cultura fã
    Karina Pedreira, supervised by Paulo Frias

  • Multimedia educational platforms and the 21st century skills.
    Mairo Ferreira, supervised by Nuno Moutinho

    Thiago Buhrer, supervised by Jorge Pereira

  • Ciência e novas literacias: comunicar a ciência na era digital
    Rose Gomes, supervised by Carla Morais

  • Inteligência Artificial, Computação e Arte.
    Ruben Amado, supervised by Miguel Carvalhais

  • Dolby Atmos, desafios estéticos, narrativos e novas aplicações para desenho de som em documentários digitais
    Phelipe Costa, supervised by Gilberto Bernardes

  • Desenvolvimento de uma web app para a micro-aprendizagem de Física em cursos de Engenharia
    Adriana Pereira, supervised by António Coelho

  • A Multimodal Approach for Noninvasive Cognitive Impairment Treatments
    Aisha Animashaun, supervised by Gilberto Bernardes

  • SPOT – jogo sério baseado em realidade aumentada para a prevenção do melanoma
    Ana Ferreira, supervised by Nuno Ribeiro

  • Proposta de Guias Orientadoras para Design de Interfaces para uma População Envelhecida
    André Ramada, supervised by Bruno Giesteira

  • Ludificação do acolhimento de novos colaboradores
    Carlos Santos, supervised by António Coelho

  • Arte Aumentada: Estimular o envolvimento na arte através de realidade aumentada
    David Soares, supervised by Pedro Cardoso

  • Prototipagem de um instrumento musical misto: a expressividade da interface
    Henrique Ferreira, supervised by Filipe Lopes

  • Dimensões da dificuldade em Videojogos
    João Magalhães, supervised by Pedro Cardoso

  • Jogos digitais como ferramenta de crítica socio-cultural para não-gamers
    José Garcia, supervised by Pedro Cardoso

  • Beatings, Fusion and Sensation of Scale: Their Relation to Western Tonal Harmony
    Joseph Wilkinson, supervised by Rui Penha

  • An Education 4.0 Methodology Proposal for Teaching Smart Manufacturing to High School Students
    Leonor Cónego, supervised by Gil Manuel Gonçalves

  • O jogo artístico e a Instalação como ferramentas de apoio ao bem-estar emocional.
    Margarida Lehrfeld, supervised by Bruno Giesteira

  • Narrativas interativas multimédia na preservação de memórias em doentes com Alzheimer
    Maria Alves, supervised by Bruno Giesteira

  • Leitura Imersiva: Multimodalidade e Resposta Emocional
    Ruth Carvalho, supervised by Miguel Melo

  • LITERACIA ENQUADRADA – A linguagem documental como metodologia educacional ativa, cívica e midiática.
    Sabrina Federici, supervised by André Rangel

  • Aprendizagem em blended learning na formação de funcionários de loja: um estudo de caso em ambiente profissional
    Tiago Vieira, supervised by João Paiva

  • Performance audiovisual em espaço aberto: recolha, apropriação e transformação de elementos naturais
    Ana Santos, supervised by Filipe Lopes

  • Pirataria: um estudo sobre o conceito, a decorrência no individuo e na cena que este se insere
    Joel Taipa, supervised by Heitor Alvelos

Master in Information Science (MCI)

  • Estudo orgânico-funcional e organização do arquivo Professor Ribeiro da Siva
    Carlos Sousa, supervised by Armando Malheiro

  • Ciência da Informação em Portugal: uma perspetiva, uma evolução e os seus profissionais
    Mónica Cristina Mendes, supervised by Armando Malheiro

  • Desenho de um Sistema de Apoio à Decisão para gestão intermodal de transportes públicos
    Diogo Múrias, supervised by Tânia Fontes

  • Desenvolvimento de uma estratégia de Gestão de Conteúdo
    Milene Nunes, supervised by Teresa Silveira

  • Processos de Gestão de Conteúdos Tecnológicos para E-Commerce
    Maria Lourenço, supervised by António Lucas Soares

  • O contributo da Gestão de Conteúdo para o sucesso do Marketing Digital: Uma realidade ou uma Intenção
    Marta Fonseca, supervised by Teresa Silveira

  • Cenários de aplicação de tecnologias imersivas no âmbito da Indústria 4.0: necessidades informacionais dos trabalhadores em contexto de trabalho
    Ana Domingues, supervised by António Lucas Soares

  • Módulo Contratação Pública no iPortalDoc
    Pedro Dantas, supervised by Gabriel David

  • Gestão Documental no âmbito energias renováveis: Estudo de caso da empresa Gonçalves Rapazote, Lda.
    Tiago Pereira, supervised by Olívia Pestana

  • Metodologia para a Elaboração de Website para um Laboratório de Investigação
    Janaina Melo, supervised by Luís Paulo Reis

  • Indicadores e métricas para gestão do capital intelectual nas gerações Y, Z e alfa em empresas de outsourcing de TI
    Maria Novaes, supervised by Teresa Silveira

  • A study on note-taking behaviour of medical patients
    Ana Peres, supervised by Carla Teixeira Lopes

  • Uma proposta de um projeto de Gestão do Conhecimento para a Sppea (Secretaria de Perícia, Pesquisa e Análise) do MPF brasileiro.
    Karlla Barros, supervised by António Lucas Soares

  • Sistemas de organização do conhecimento no domínio Arquitectónico e Artístico: Estudo de caso da Biblioteca da Fundação Instituto Arquiteto José Marques da Silva
    Matilde Ramos, supervised by Olívia Pestana

  • A inteligência artificial no contexto da ciência da informação: uma análise de domínio
    Roberta Silva, supervised by Olívia Pestana

  • O controlo de autoridade de assunto no Arquivo Digital da Fundação Instituto Arquiteto José Marques da Silva
    Nara Carvalho, supervised by Olívia Pestana

  • Desenvolvimento de aplicação Android e iOS para disponibilização de informação relevante sobre produtos de aquacultura, a utilizar no ato da compra
    Verónica Silva, supervised by Gabriel David

  • Revolução Digital na Indústria da Construção
    Léonardo Silva, supervised by António Lucas Soares